Train passes, tickets or drive?

Two freinds and I are traveling to Italy from June 17 to June 27. We are landing in Rome then plan on visiting Monterosso first, then going to Venice and then back to Rome. What do ou think the best form of transportation is to get us to all of those places. We had originally planned on going by train for time reasons but some of the tickets we looked up we several hundred dollars a PIECE! We thought that was a little outrages. I looked on other sights and found them for different rates. Which rate is correct? Am I figuring the routes correctly? Am I going to a wrong site? Would it just be best to drive? I am completely confused by the Railpass! Please help!!

Posted by steven
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Robin , Rome - Monterosso - Venice - Rome ? Why not leave from Venice ? (open jaw ) . If you have already purchased non refundable tickets , then this is obviously a moot point . Car ? Don't !!!! Railpass ? Don't !!! You are in time to buy discount point to point rail tickets for 9 EU each by registering on Trenitalia ( Italian State Railways ) Go to the " Ron in Rome " website for detailed and HIGHLY useful information .

Posted by Robin
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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunatally, we are stuck with that itinerary as we are flying into Rome and all of our accomodations have been booked. I will go to that site now and register. Thank you for your help.

Posted by Larry
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I'm not sure where you are looking for train fares in Italy but they don't cost hundreds of dollars apiece. I've looked up your routing for April 10 and I can buy all of the tickets needed above for $141.18 for one person. Many are discounted and non-refundable but I can buy them nonetheless. You can buy high-speed train tickets 120 days out on You can begin shopping for tickets as of Feb 22 for these bargains as well. Yes, you can possibly get the 9Euro fares but they do go fast as they are limited. You could be paying 19E or 29E but that's still not bad either. You can't even buy a railpass that cheap. Plus, you will pay a 10Euro supplemental fee on top of your pass for each high-speed train you are on. You could rent a car but that won't be cheap. $60-$80/day for the car, $30/day for parking, almost $100 overall for tolls and about $150 for fuel.