Train Passes - Amsterdam - Brussels- Paris

Hi Everyone - We are leaving for Amsterdam this coming Sunday, 03/31/13. We are so confused about the trains and would definitely appreciate any help & advice. We booked this trip last minute and are unsure if we should purchase train passes before we leave or when we're there. There are so many different websites and we've been told a few different things when we called some companies for information. We are arriving in Amsterdam 04/01/13, leaving for Brussels 04/03/13, leaving for Paris, 04/06/13, and plan to return to Amsterdam for our flight home on 04/10/13. Thanks so very much, we really appreciate any feedback!! Raquel

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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A train pass won't be a good deal for your itinerary. Amsterdam - Brussels- Paris is served by the Thalys high-speed train, they have strict limits on the number of rail-pass travelers they allow on each train, and they charge hefty reservation supplements. Thalys uses airline style pricing; the sooner you book the cheaper it will be. Since this is a last minute trip you'll probably be paying close to the highest fares. None the less you need to purchase your tickets immediately at You'll be able to print your tickets out at home.

Posted by Southam
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The source of all knowledge about trains is You can also go to, the German rail system, to see schedules although it doesn't sell those tickets. Since you have very little time left to seek out bargains, you may need to face the fact that full-fare prices are one of the costs of last-minute travel.

Posted by Raquel
Chicago, IL, USA
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thanks for the info! I will look into these options, I really appreciate it!