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train passes

I am traveling to italy in october and I have been reading that p2p is the best way to purchase tickets. We will fly into Rome then travel to Florence, Venice, Milan, Verena, then back to Rome. I do not want to make reservations because I want to be flexible. Does any one have any advice or suggestions. Would it be best to fly from Milan back to Rome? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Sandy

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Take the trains and buy the tickets as you go, You're traveling on heavily used routes and there are plenty of trains to suit your schedule.

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I agree with the previous post. Especially in October, buying P-P tickets as you go will probably be quite adequate. Rail Passes can be useful in some circumstances, but with only a few trips I'm not sure a pass would be cost effective?

However, I'd suggest that you purchase the tickets for each journey a few days before you'll be travelling. Since the trips you'll be taking are "major routes" (as noted previously), you will likely have a choice in trains to take. Note that if you choose the "fast" ICE (or other) trains, often reservations are compulsory. These will cost extra, but IMHO are worth it! The "card" (ticket) will specify a car #, seat #, etc. (be sure you take note of these when you board).

Could you clarify your destination "Verena". Are you referring to "Verona" or "Varenna"?

Happy travels!