Train: Paris to Chartes

Hi Everybody,

I'm taking the RS Loire/So. France tour at the end of June. I arrive on a Saturday in Paris. I leave Sunday morning, to go to where the tour starts in Chartres. My question is: do I have to buy tickets ahead of time from Gare Montparnesse to Chartres or can I just show up at the station that day? Is it more like a commuter train where I can just purchase at the point of departure, since it's only a 1 hour ride?

Also, I would prefer the direct train, rather than making one stop. Does this make a difference?

I need to validate, correct.

Even though I have been on trains before, I've never done it in Europe, so thanks for the advice.


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If you have just bought a ticket from a machine or an agent, you do need to validate. Ticket in hand, pause at the entrance to your platform and push the ticket into a metal box -- yellow, I think, but anyhow you can see other passengers using it.
For train reservations you print out at home, you don't use the validation machine, just walk on board and find your reserved seat. The attendant will eventually scan the code on your ticket.
A direct train can make some stops. Perhaps you mean a stop where you must change trains?