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Train or fly from Vienna to Paris

How scenic is the train ride from Vienna to Paris? We’re weighing the options of flying, day train or night train.

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The ride is not particularly scenic, so the day train is definitely out!
The choice of night train vs. flying mostly boils down to:
- environmental concerns
- whether you are a light sleeper (the trains used are quite comfortable as far as I know, but it's still a moving vehicle)
- cost
No first-hand experience of the relatively-new Vienna-Paris route, though.

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It varies, there are some scenic parts, especially in Austria, and some less scenic parts. If it was my trip I'd take the night train. You sleep through the less scenic parts and can enjoy the views of Austria while you have breakfast. It also saves you a night in a hotel.

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Depending on the factors you consider important. I've never the train for this route distance -wise, only the night train between Vienna and Hamburg a number of times.

For this route I would take the night train. No problems. It's direct. You gain another travel day.

Prior to this night train, from Vienna it went to Amsterdam, which I took one time but on the other hand, I wasn't used to it back then.