Train or bus service from Barcelona to Perpignan, France

My husband and I are trying to get from Barcelona, Spain, to Perpignan, France, either by train or bus. We are having no luck figuring this out on the web site for Barcelona travel. Any advice or ideas? Sue

Posted by Philip
London, United Kingdom
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When you say "trying to get" does that mean you are in Barcelona now, or are you planning a future trip? You have two natives for train travel between those two stations now: either take the new high-speed route changing at Figueres or take the older low-speed route changing at Cerberes. The former is faster but there are relatively few trains per day. The second is slower but more frequent, and there are some very good views of the coastline around the French-Spanish border. You will get cheaper fares by high-speed route if you book in advance online. However, at the moment you need to do this in two places, from Barcelona to Figueres Vilafant at and from Figueres to Perpignan at Or if you are in Barcelona it's probably easier to go to the station. If you are planning in advance things are very up in the air at the moment as the full direct high-speed line from Figueres to Barcelona is meant to be opening very soon, which would allow you to travel all the way from Barcelona to Perpignan on a single train. I'd wait until it's clear if it has actually opened or not before you book.