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What would be best for a single lady, age 52, travel: 19 Sept 13 Munich Airport to Oberammergau 23 Sept 13 Oberammergau to Salzburg 28 Sept 13 Salzburg to Wien (Austria) 30 Sept 13 Wien - Munich Airport Please mention name of Train (2nd class) or Bus and if possible the price per day. How/where do we book. Thanks a mil. Sonja
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Posted by Sam
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You can get all the info at the Deutsche Bahn website.
Right now, they are on winter schedules and they will switch to summer schedule a few months from now. Just looking a few days out the legs price out at 22 Euro each 1st and 2nd leg, 54 Euro 3rd leg and anywhere from 39 to 94 Euro for the last one. If you can lock in your 3rd and 4th legs 90 days in advance buying online, you can achieve substantial savings. The first 2 legs are regional trains or bus and normally do not get discounted. I'd get serious about it in June 1. Also, look at a Bayern ticket for legs 1 and 2, maybe savings there especially if you want to take some other trips while in Oberammergau.

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As Sam said, you'll find detailed timetables for all your routes on the German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) site. Wile you can book all your tickets on the DB site, if you book Salzburg-Wien and Wien-Muenchen Flughafen (airport) ASAP (up to 120 days allowed) on the Austrian Rail site, you can get a discount fare as low as €19.00 for Salzburg-Wien and €29.00 for Wien-Muenchen Flughafen.

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For MUC to Oberammergau (I've done exactly that), take the S-Bahn from the airport station to Munich Hauptbahnhof, then take a regional train from the Starnburger "Wing Bahnhof" (station outside the main shed area, on the north side) to Murnau. In Murnau change trains for the spur line to Oberammergau. The S-Bahn runs ever 10 minutes from the airport to the Hbf; the regional train leaves the Hbf for Murnau every hour. At the airport, either from an automat in the station or upstairs at the counter, purchase a Bayern-Ticket. It will cost 22€ at the automat, 2€ more from the counter, for one person and is valid for all regional trains in Bavaria for the entire day (after 9 AM on workdays). For Oberammergau, buy another Bayern-Ticket from the automat at the Bahnhof. You'll have to figure out the automat by then (you can change it to display in English) since the Oberammergau station is unmanned. Again, take the spur line to Murnau and catch the regional train back to Munich Hbf. From there, there are hourly regional trains to Salzburg. Use the Bahn website to find the times and track number for the trains. The trains from Oberammergau to Munich are only regional. There are also express trains (IC/EC/RJ) from Munich to Salzburg. They cost more, and, if you go directly from Oberammergau to Munich, probably won't save any time.