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Train Nice to Milan

I’ve purchased a ticket from Nice to Milan on the SNCF app. I received a QR code for the Nice - Ventimiglia leg , with instructions for the Ventimiglia-Milan leg to “withdraw your ticket from a self-serve kiosk before setting off on your trip”.

My question is can I do this in Nice, or do I do it on the 20 minute layover in Ventimiglia (which seems fairly short as it is). Also, if Nice, can I do it the day before as I’ll be at the station anyway.

I bow to the extensive knowledge of the folks on this site!

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It sounds like the ticket from Ventimiglia to Milan is a regional train, probably with a connection to Milan. You would have to get these from a Trenitalia ticket machine. If it is a regional ticet, you will have to validate in a stamping machine before boarding. If it is an IC train, it will have a carriage and seat number, so it is good only for that train.

Sorry, but this buying tickets with apps is new to me regarding cross boarder connections. It won't hurt to ask at the Nice station the exact procedure.

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I would agree with Sam to check in Nice at the ticket window, but I am quite sure you must print the ticket while you are in France. We did this some years ago when I bought SNCF tickets for travel in two countries.

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You will need to get the ticket from a ticket kiosk in France, at an SNCF station. Do not wait till you are in Italy.

What is happening here is that SNCF has choosen not to integrate its systems with the Trenitalia one, so as a result can only sell tradition paper tickets for connections in Italy. These must be printed on security paper, and thus home print is not possible.

These will be international RCT2 format tickets, not Italian regional tickets as Sam said. So do not wait till in Italy.

Note: For France - Italy trips book with Trainline to avoid this problem.

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Thanks for the great information! I’m happy to hear that I need to do this in France. I knew I’d get the answers here!