Train Milan to Interlaken

Hey guys! I would like to book a train ticket from Milano Centrale to Interlaken Ost. It seems I can do this through, but the only delivery options available are either to pick it up from a station in Switzerland or to send it by international post. The first option is not possible since I'll start my trip in Italy and the second is extremely expensive. What I would really like is to have a print-at-home ticket, but that option is not available for this trip, so I guess I'll have to wait to be there to purchase the ticket... Is there a chance that the train is already full by the time I get there? And, can I buy the ticket previously at another Italian station (other than Milano Centrale)? I'm planning to travel on June 7th (Friday). Thanks and sorry for my ignorance!

Posted by Bob
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Hi Andres. Look at Tim's answer to adrienne in the question slightly down the list 'train travel from Italy to Swtizerland'. For the Milan to Spiez ticket, you can buy online and then print the ticket in any station in Italy. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Lola
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To clarify Bob's answer, you can purchase online on Trenitalia for Milan to Spiez. Look under "other fares and offers" for a Smart Fare to get the best price of 22 euro.

Posted by Sam
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I am reading the online FAQ section of the SBB site. It states "On-Line tickets can only be purchased within 30 days of departure". It seems you may have to wait until May 8 to purchase. I checked the trenitalia site, and they are quoting 62 Euro Milano-Spiez, while SBB is quoting a "Smart Fare", or 50 CFH all the way to Interlaken Ost. This fare is nonreundable, nable. I do not see the 22 Euro fare Tim quoted to Adrienne.
I do not think there is a chance that the train would sell out, but if you know you will make the train and want the 50 CFH fare, you may want to get it now and accept the mailing charges if they are reasonable. You can always buy the ticket in Milan for the full fare equivalant of 87 CHF.

Posted by Andrés
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Thanks very much you three. I checked the Milan to Spiez length at Trenitalia as suggested but as Sam said the price for this length is now 62 Euros. Is it likely that it will drop again to 22 Euros sometime? Thanks!

Posted by Tim
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My group of 14 will be traveling from Milan to Interlaken on June 7 also. We bought directly from SBB and just paid the delivery charge and the group rate.

Posted by Tim
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€62 is the standard 2nd class fare and is what you will pay if you buy your ticket at the station in Milan. The €22 Smart fare is an advance purchase discount fare. It is still available for 7 June, but it takes a few steps to find it. Here are the steps, using the 07:25 departure time as an example. Click on "Select" to the right of the posted standard fare of €62. On the new page click on the bird's eye for "View other prices and services" which is just below the red box highlighting the €62 fare and then click on "Continue". On the new page click on the drop-down menu under the "Offer" heading. Click on "Smart". Click on "Continue" and proceed with booking.

Posted by Andrés
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All right, I found the Smart Fare option but it's not available any more for the Milano-Spiez portion for the particular time I'm looking at (11:25). What I decided to do is to book the Milano-Brig portion instead (€36) and buy a Half-Fare travelcard at Brig for the rest of my trip in Switzerland. Thank you all very much for your help!! Cheers