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Train from Vienna to Venice - HELP!

I need to reserve a high speed train (EC) from Vienna to Venice. Is the TrenItalia website trustworthy? Any advice/website suggestions for reserving a train? I'm nervous about the ticketless option on TrenItalia (which really isn't an "option" because you can only have a ticket mailed to you if you live in Italy). The website talks about being able to pick up an invoice/ticket at some self-service ticket machines, but reference is made to machines at stations in Italy, which doesn't help for travel to Italy. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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While Trenitalia is an excellent resource, you won't be able to purchase tickets for Vienna-Venice, since there's no Trenitalia ticket offices in Vienna, nor are there any Trenitalia ticket machines there. The Austrian railways website is very limited in terms of purchases on-line, so no joy there. Your best bet might be to book through RailEurope. While yoou'll probably pay more than you would if you purchased the ticket in Vienna, at least you'll know you have a seat reserved....important if you want to take a specific train.

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To avoid Rail Europe's inflated prices, you could call the Austrian Rail call center and book your tickets over the phone.

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Thanks for the info! I've looked at the EuroRail website, but it doesn't offer the same trains as TrenItalia does. There is only one early morning train that will get us to Venice on time and it's not showing up on the EuroRail website.

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I booked a Vienna to Venice train for late August from the OEBB site. It was in German but some people helped me here and I got through it and got my printable ticket via email. And it was 29 euros instead of the normal 50!