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All, Can someone please point me in the right direction. How do I find local train schedules for the Nice to Levanto route? (inter-city train). The reason I ask is because my wife and I would like to take the earliest train from Nice, France in order to arrive in Levanto, Italy early. I have searched for inter-city (local) train bookings and had no luck. Is it best to book these trips at the station? (Nice-Ville) Thanks, Ryan

Posted by Sasha
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What site are you using? You can see all the schedules, including regional and IC trains, on th eBahn website ( as well as the Swiss one, SBB. In any case you will have at least one change at Venitmiglia. It is a regional train from Nice-Ville to Ventimiglia. Trom there, you can find IC trains to Genoa and on to Levanto. But one of the earliest trains is a Regional leaving Nice at 6:55 am, one change at Ventimiglia to another regional train, arriving Levanto 5 hours 39 minutes after departure from Nice.

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To amplify Sasha's post (once you've followed his excellent advice about researching your train options): If the train is a regional, there's no advantage to booking it ahead; buy it at the Nice Station. But if any segment of your travel is on an IC, EC, or other non-regional train in Italy, you will save a lot of money buying that segment in advance online from Trenitalia. It will be non-exchangeable and non-refundable (or have strict limitations on this), so only do this if you're sure of your plans. Search this board for tips on how to use the Trenitalia website (it's not as easy as it should be, but lately, people have had success using it).

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Thanks for the quick response, this information should help.

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Ryan, According to the website, there's a train departing Nice Ville at 05:25, arriving Levanto at 10:54 (time 5H:29M, 2 changes, reservations compulsory on one leg). That appears to be the earliest train, and it's also one of the quickest, although it has two changes at Ventimiglia and Genova Brignole. You may find that the Agents at Nice Ville will only sell you a ticket as far as Ventimiglia. In that case, you'd have to buy tickets for the Italian part of the journey when you arrive at the station in Ventimiglia. Were you planning to walk from the station in Levanto to your hotel? Happy travels!

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Of course! I know it's a guy's name too and this happens a lot.