Train from Munich to Florence

I am considering taking the train from Munich to Florence. I understand that I need to transfer in Bologna if I want to do this during the day. It will be in late July and I am wondering if the sights along the way are worth the extra time over just flying.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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samantha, The transfer point(s) will depend on which train you choose. There may be one or two changes in either Verona, Bologna or Padova. The shortest trip I could find was a train departing at 09:31, arriving 17:10 (time 7H:39M, 1 change in Bologna, Reservations compulsory). I haven't checked, but I suspect the travel time on that route will be close between train and air travel. Whether the "sights along the way are worth the extra time" is somewhat a matter of opinion. I always enjoy the scenery in the Brenner Pass, so in my case I'd much rather take the train and avoid the airport hassles. Happy travels!

Posted by samantha
richmond, va, usa
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Thank you for responding. I have been able to work out my transfer options but thanks for the advice. My main question is about the scenery. I have never been to this part of the world so I'm thinking I should experience the train ride if I have the opportunity. Just really wanted to know if there is not a good view a long the way and then I would fly. Thanks!

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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By Colorado standards, Brenner Pass is kind of wimpy, but it is scenic from Innsbruck over the pass to Italy. Remember, the flight might be short, but you have travel time from downtown Munich to the airport, per-flight time for check-in, security, boarding, disembarking time, and travel time to Florence from the airport. What looks like an hour flight will probably be 5-6 hours of hassle. With sufficient advance purchase you can get discounted fares from the Bahn for as low as 39€ from Munich to Bologna.