Train from MilanoCentrale to Monza for Formula 1

Hello, we will soon be traveling to Milan to see the Formula One Race on Sunday 9/9. We will be taking a train from the Milano Centrale station, can anyone tell me what train I should take to go to Monza to see the race---the only information I can find on the F1 site is the stazione de Monza---is there a particular station and stop I should get off at ?
Thanks in advance for your reply Terry

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Hi Terry. First, I wish I was going with you! Last year, we were in Milan and took the train to Monza just to see the track. I found this forum page from trip adviser helpful... Also, don't know if you've already looked at this, but here's the website for the track... There's a tab at the top that says "info tourism," and the when you click on that the dropdown menu has a tab for "how to get to the track." Hope this helps you as well, and I hope you have a great time!

Posted by Nigel
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stazione de Monza is Italian for Monza Station. That would be the stop you should get off at.

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Thanks for the replies, I have found a train(on the trenitlaia site)from Milano Centrale out to Monza, but a friend of mine had told me there are many stops in Monza ? Is there a particular stop I should get off ? Thanks,

Posted by Eric
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Most likely, you will want to use the main Monza station (this is the one that shows up as "Monza" on the Trenitalia site.) There are other stations in Monza (Monza Sobborghi, for instance), but these do not have the easy bus connections to get you to the track. The one exception to this is if your tickets are for the area out by the Lesmos corners. There is a station closer to that track entrance named Biassono Lesmo. Also, you might want to look into departing Milan from the Porta Garibaldi stationthere are more departures from this station to Monza than from Milano Centrale, and it's not very far from Centrale (2 Metro stops on the Green Line 2).