Train from Malmo to Copenhagen

For train travel on a weekday in June from Malmo, Sweden to Copenhagen, is it advisable to book in advance, or can one just show up and buy a ticket at the Malmo station? Is there money to be saved with an advance booking?

Posted by Alison
Växjö, Sweden
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Hi. I've taken the train many times from Växjo or Alvesta down to Kastrup. There are two circumstances that would make it necessary to reserve in advance; one is that you want a specific seat on the train (aisle or window, first-class car, etc.). The other is that you're traveling when the mass of Swedes travel (check the holidays, of which there are many, including one that happens in early June, and then there are the summer holidays, which occur like clockwork through most of the month of July). Other than June-August, you can travel without a confirmed reservation, but I've found two things are true when you have a reservation: one is that you frequently have to push someone out of your reserved seat, which, on a mostly empty train, seems weird. The other is that if I am traveling with bags I need to keep an eye on that don't fit above my seat (there's not enough room for a check-in size bag under train seats on SJ trains, although I also take Orestund, and they're pretty spacious) I tend to end up sitting in the connection part of the train where larger luggage is stored, and give up my reserved seat. I always do reserve a seat, but I'm a nervous traveler. :-)

Posted by Ron
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Living in Copenhagen for a couple of years, we often traveled over to Malmö to shop... and I have to say we NEVER reserved tickets in advance. We just walked into the CPH station and bought tickets from a kiosk and the same when heading home from Malmö. We probably took this trip once a month... On rare occasions, we did have to get up or had trouble finding 2 seats together, but we often just sat in the "lower" bicycle area. It's not a very long ride so and we rarely planned ahead...just depends on your preferences.

Posted by Christophe
Copenhagen, Denmark
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You cannot reserve a seat on the train from Copenhagen to Malmö, only for trips beyond Malmö (further into Sweden). There a no benefits of advance ticket purchase on this route, and tickets cannot sell out.

Posted by Douglas
Oak Park, Illinois
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Think of that trip as being more like commuter rail. Plenty of trains and a very short trip.