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Train from Barcelona to Gottingen (Germany)

Our family of 4 will need to get from Barcelona to Gottingen in July 2011. I know flying might be our best option, but we'd like to stick to trains. Any suggestions for the best route? We plan to buy a Eurail pass. Also, on our Eurail pass, if we reserve our tickets for all legs, and the last leg is overnight, will we be using 2 days of the pass? Thanks!

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Addressed in another post, but this looks like an epic mistake in the making. Trains are great, but..... Why do you want to stick to trains? Romantic appeal? Is this your first trip?

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One of the main reasons for going with the train is that my hubby hates to fly. In this case though, I think the stress of so many train transfers would be worse for him than one flight. I am convinced that a flight is the best choice.

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Isn't there a connection with only 3 transfers, Figueras Vilafant , Paris, and Mannheim, with enough time in Paris to overnight? The transfer in Mannheim is from track 2 to track 3. They are across the platform from each other. Why Göttingen? You might have to fly to Frankfurt and take a train to Göttingen. If all of the luggage can be carried in one trip, I think the transfer times are sufficient. Just be at the end of the car, with your luggage when the train stop. If there are people getting on at the station, they should let you off before they get on.

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Diane, Depending on your time constraint on getting from Barcelona to Göttingen, you could do the ride this way. which is what I would do. Take the train from Barcelona to Perpignan, where you connect with a TGV to Paris Lyon (5 hrs). Take the direct route so that you don't have to transfer. Stay the night in Paris. Spend the next day in Paris, take the night train Paris Est to Göttingen...this way it's direct shot without your having to transfer in Mannheim if you go by day. From Gare de Lyon to Gare de l'Est take bus # 65. (I've done need to deal with the Metro). In total this way will cost you 2 days on the Eurail Pass. Both the TGV and the CNL night train require reservations. You'll have to check with the departure times and if you don't mind long train problem with me, especially on a TGV and CNL. Coming from Paris Est (day), I 've transfered at Mannheim (ICE) to continue to Berlin, ca., 10hrs. total.