Train Florence to Rome on Christmas Day

I am trying to make a reservation for 4 adults to take the high speed express train from Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence Italy to the main train station in Rome (Termini Station I believe). I've tried going to a couple of different web sites to obtain schedules and make reservations but can't seem to obtain any information regarding Christmas Day. Do the trains between Florence and Rome not run on Christmas Day? If so how does one travel between the cities on Christmas? Thanks

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Cheryl, yes they do run on Christmas. What you are encountering is the typical twice yearly schedule refresh by Trenitalia. These usually occur in the 2nd week of June and December. Over the years, Trenitalia has notoriously been late in getting the refresh up online. You are well with 90 days and the schedules should be there but they are not. I just looked. Just keep trying. They will appear.