Train fare from Florence to Venice

I've read that the Trenitalia is 9 euro (no refund or change)
The Italo Treno is 21 euro and is essentially the same. Another site said the price from Florence to Venice is 32,30 euro. Just trying to get to Venice....any suggestions?

Posted by Bob
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Hi Jo. Just look at trenitalia web site, it shows the full (base) and discount fares for each date / train. With the discount fares, you lock in your exact date and time. Use Italian city names Firenze, Venezia. You can book up to 90 days in advance; if your trip is beyond that, use a date within 90 days to get the idea. The base fare is what you pay if you wait and buy your tix in Italy at the last minute. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jo, The Second Class "Super Economy" fare will be €9 on some routes, but not all. For the trip from Firenze SMN to Venezia S.L., the fares appear to be €19 for "Super Economy", €29 for "Economy" and €45 for the "Base" fare (I used a date of Dec. 18th to check). The Super Economy fares often sell-out very quickly, so these should be purchased well in advance. The same trip via Italo is priced at €21 / 31 / 47 (using the same date). In each case, the stations are the same. Cheers!

Posted by Jo
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Thanks to both of you, just the answers I needed

Posted by Tim
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The Trenitalia site now allows booking up to 120 days in advance. As of a few moments ago I could have booked a ticket for Firenze-Venezia Santa Lucia up to and including 23 March. Even this far in advance the €19.00 Super Economy fare tickets were already gone for some departure times on 23 March. Book ASAP to have any chance of getting one.