Train - Edinburgh to Paris - seats

Hello, Our family of 4 are travelling in July from Edinburgh to Paris by train. I would like to know if we get to choose our seats when we reserve our base tickets online?? And if so, do I get to make selections for both legs of the journey because we need to change trains in London? Thank you!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Tania, You might find it helpful to have a look at the excellent Main in Seat 61 website. I've travelled that route, but can't remember if I chose my seats on either train? You'll be travelling from Edinburgh to London King's Cross via East Coast Rail. If you book well in advance, significant savings are possible. When you arrive at King's Cross, you'll walk a short distance to London St. Pancras, where you'll go through airport-style security for the EuroStar, and also clear French Passport control. As you might know, you MUST check-in for the EuroStar at least 30-minutes prior to departure. You'll arrive at Gare du Nord in Paris, and can use the Metro to get to the section of Paris that your Hotel is located. Happy travels!

Posted by George
Independence, KS, USA
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You will need to book both legs separately and you can select your seats each time. Be sure and book your tickets at 90 days prior to travel on the Edinburgh to London portion and 120 days prior to travel on the Eurostar portion to get the best prices.

Posted by Bob
Bristol, UK
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George is wrong about booking both legs separately. On the U.K. Eurostar website, you can book a through ticket from Edinburgh to Paris. The advantage of this is that Eurostar are obliged to accommodate you on a later train if your journey from Edinburgh to London is delayed. If you buy separate tickets, and miss your booked Eurostar, then you have to buy new tickets at that day's price. The basic fare from Edinburgh to Paris for a journey in May is currently £56. You cannot book July tickets yet.

Posted by Marco
Oxford, United Kingdom
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You can buy tickets separately, and have the protection of being put on the next Eurostar if late etc, if you buy your ticket from Edinburgh to London International (CIV), rather than to say Kings Cross. This can sometimes be cheaper with more availability than booking a through ticket from Eurostar - but the reverse may well be true much of the time. Just price up both options when booking opens for your time of travel.