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Train Classes?


I was just wondering what the differences were between the train classes in Europe.

I am planning on travelling from Munich to Mantova in October. I am also a 23yo woman and will be travelling on my own. The trip would be during the day for about 5 hours.

I was also wondering if any tips for me :)

Thank you

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We started out 1st class but switched to 2nd class after determining that the difference between the two is marginal. Better leg room in 1st class and better width (3 seats per row instead of 4) but that's about it. 2nd class did not cramp your legs nor was it uncomfortable. Maybe 1st class might be preferrable for the occasional long run but otherwise, IMO, it's not worth it.

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On an ICE train in Germany, the main differences (from what I could observe) seems to be that there are fewer seats in the first class compartment (4 vs 6)s and first class offers attendent services. There may be other differences, but that appeared to be the extent of it.

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IMO first class is marginally nicer that second class on the same train, mainly fewer seats in the same size compartment. Some trains' second class were nicer than first class on another.

Second class is fine. I wouldn't want to sit in second class and try to sleep overnight. As a rule, I keep travel time under 4 hours so second class has never been a problem.

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Thank you so much for that :)

I think i will stick with the 2nd class :)

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When I travel in German, I always use 2nd class. On most trains, 2nd class has two seats together; 1st class has about 1/3 single seats. Unless the train is full (rare), I sit in one seat and put my RS bag on the other next to me. I can't do that in 1/3 of the 1st class seats.