Train between Venice and Florence

I am not clear about the train travel available between Venice and Florence. Leaving Venice to go to Florence, I would like to use the Venice Santa Lucia station since my hotel is nearby. BUT returning from Florence to Venice, I would like to get off the train at the Venice Mestre station. I can't find a schedule that shows this. Do I just buy a ticket to Venice Santa Lucia and get off at the Mestre stop?
Also, does the Eurostar train depart from Venice Santa Lucia or only from Venice Mestre station?

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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All trains that go to Santa Lucia stop at Mestre. Some EuroStar Italia trains go to Santa Lucia and some only go as far as Mestre. See the Trenitalia timetables. Enter Firenze and either Venezia Santa Lucia or Venezia Mestre.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Tim is correct. Some high-speed train runs terminate and originate from Mestre. All train runs into Santa Lucia will stop at Mestre first. If you put venezia mestre into the link provided above by Tim, you will see runs that go to Mestre. However, this is what you requested. I'm betting that these trains on the list will proceed on to Santa Lucia.

All of that above really doesn't matter as the fare from Florence to either Mestre or Santa Lucia is the same (I checked). 32.30Euro. Just by a ticket to ehter location and get off at Mestre.