I would like to request yr advice on journey i am going to take by train. A) Paris - lourdes- b) lourdes - san giovanni rotondo ( italy) C) lourdes - roma What the best train route. Which train pass i better to buy to transport? Is there any no validity of the train pass.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Lim, I hope you intend to go from Lourdes to either Rome or San G. Rotondo and not b) and c) as you describe in your post. Secondly, you don't indicate when you wish to travel. For the train ride to Lourdes from Paris, about 13 trains a day depart Paris-Montparnasse for Lourdes. 4 of these trains have no train changes. Other runs have 1-3 train changes. Journey time is 6.0hrs. From Lourdes to Rome, all train runs that I see are 22.0hrs-24.0hrs for journey times. Really ugly. One option is to take the train to Toulouse and fly non-stop to Rome FCO for $79 on Air France. Flight takes just under 2.0hrs. I'm stunned to see such a deal on Air France but here's a picture of the link I see on if you look 90 days out. From Roma-Termini, San Giovanni Rotondo is 180 miles to the east. Nearest train station is Foggio. I see 4 trains a day from Roma-Termini to Foggio. Journey time is just under 3.0hrs for the Frecci fast train and 4hr38min for the Intercity Run. But you can get the Intercity run for as low as 9Euro if you book 90 days out. It's as low as 19Euro for the Frecci fast train if you book 90 days out. From Foggio, it's a 40-minute bus ride to San G. Rotondo. If this is all the traveling you will be doing, you definitely do not need any kind of rail pass. Especially if you can get the very low restricted train fares and fly on the plane. Your pass will not work on the plane ride. You just need to do a bit of research, ask more questions and buy in advance.

Posted by Tim
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I agree with Larry. Don't buy a railpass. Book in advance to get discount fares on routes that offer them. Fly from Toulouse to Rome. That's a great price on Air France. EasyJet also flies that route and offers cheap fares. When will you be taking this trip?

Posted by Lim
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Hi Larry n Ti,, many thanks.
I going to Rome on oct 11 and got the last promo ticket in noon time. So i am going to stay one night in rome and dispatch by train in the next morning for Foggie- san giovanni. Again Thanks so much all kind n clear advice.