Train and bus from Munich to Fuessen

We are three going to Munich and want to go to Newschwasstein, Oberammagau and Garmish in a period of two days. Is a Bayern ticket the best option, I know you can't use it until 9am on weekdays? We want to do the castle first. Or is there a better way to travel? Thank you

Posted by Lee
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See here for some information on getting from Munich to Füssen and the castles. All the trains and buses in the area (at least in Germany/Bavaria, not Reutte and the Tirol) are covered by the Bayern-Ticket. There are periodic bus connections from the Bahnhof in Füssen that stop in Hohenschwangau on the way out of town, then at Oberammergau, and eventually in Garmisch. The last of these buses leaves Hohenschwangau at 17:13 (5:13 PM), so you have to watch the time. The first train connection to Füssen after 9 AM leaves at 9:51, getting you to Hohenschwangau at 11:54, but for a little more money, you can travel an hour earlier. The 8:51 train gets to Geltendorf at 9:21. If you purchase a Bayern-Ticket AND an MVV local ticket from downtown Munich to Geltendorf (7,50€/pers or 20€ for Gesamtnetz Tageskarte for 2-5 people), you can use the local ticket to get to Geltendorf, then use the Bayern-Ticket the rest of the day and get to Hohenschwangau just before 11. Which leads to the question of luggage. There are luggage lockers in the Bahnhof at Füssen, but not at the bus stop or ticket kiosk in Hohenschwangau. I'm told there is a check room ( Garderobe) at Neuschwanstein itself, but you don't want to carry your bags up the hill to the castle. There might be a Garderobe at the closer Hohenschwangau castle. The people at the Tourist Office at the bus stop have told me that visitors can leave bags behind the counter there. The only other option is to leave them at the Füssen Bahnhof and take an earlier bus back to Füssen to retrieve them before taking the last bus to Oberammergau.

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Thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate the suggestion about the earlier train and that sounds like we should try this. Luggage isn't a problem as we have a base in Munich where we are leaving our luggage and just taking backpacks for the overnight. Thank you again for the suggestion.

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We dis a similar trip but we had a car which was easier because we were on our own schedule with not train or bus schedule to worry about.