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to Venice Airport early in the morning

How do I make an early flight out of Venice? I have a 6am flight and buses don't seem to run until 5am. So that is too late. Can you take a taxi from the Venice train station or a nearby hotel?

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Take a water taxi from your hotel, and be prepared to shell out about 100 Euros.

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thanks. so the water taxis are avaialbe that early in the morning (4am)?

Otherwise, it sounds like it would be easier just to stay near the airport?

does anybody recommend a great hotel near there?

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we must be taking the same 610am flight out to amsterdam! hehe...

I have the same situation... i had booked a room at a generic airport hotel and was going to amend my reservation at our venice B&B... my reply from our host was to take the water taxi (she said it is very routine) as the previous poster said.

yes, it is expensive for the 2 of us with a surcharge for the the early early callout, but they can be arranged prior (our host is arranging that)... ours came to 90 euro...

think about it tho:

1. your last evening and night being in venice rather than a the other
2. saving on the train, taxi the night before to your hotel AND shuttle/taxi to the airport in the morning
3. my hotel (hotel titian inn) was 25 euro more than my place in venice...
4. if you are flying to a point in europe, most people i read find only an hour needed prior to flight (rick steves even said so)

good luck and let me know!

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Our flight left Venice at 6:30 am. The hotel arranged for a water taxi to meet us and take us to the airport. Just remember that the taxi does not actually drop you at the airport but aways away. Make sure you check to see it the airport shuttle bus is running that early in the morning or you will need to arrange for a van to meet you. We were lucky and there was a van that had just dropped some people off and agreed to take us to the airport. Otherwise the walk takes about 20 minutes.