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To St. Petersburg! And beyond!

Hi everyone,
I'm planning a trip to Europe with a close friend who has never really travelled around and we were doing a "tour of evil" trip as a cynnical sort of post-cold war/WWII theme.

We'll be hitting up Italy, Germany, Austria and we'd love to get into St. Petersberg. We'd be willing to get to St. Petersberg from any of those locations As Long as it's cheap. I've been having a lot of trouble finding affordable ways to get there.

So: if anyone knows an affordable and safe (Alysia is afraid to hitchhike) way to get to St. Pete's from Vienna, Berlin (or any other German City), Rome, or even Prague, please suggest!

Happy travels, and thank you

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In general, travel to Russia is expensive. There are no discount airlines that travel to St Pete; Lufthansa has flights out of Frankfurt. One cheap option is the train from Helsinki, operated by the Russians. Don't forget you need a hotel invitation, and advance visa to enter the country, this can cost $200-300 dollars.

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Eric, I just went to and it turns out there are discount airlines now flying to St Pete via Berlin and Vienna (there were none when I went two years ago).
Looks like Air Berlin as fares for about 100 euros.