To register or not for Trentitalia

I need to purchase train tickets for the 4 of us from Venice to Rome July 2
I know that I need to wait 120days but is it necessary to register with Trentitalia before I start to purchase. Also I guess its wise to get online asap to get those cheap fares Im guessing the prices jump skyhigh the longer I wait. And is Trentitalia the only website for me to look at I do want to get to Rome quick

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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mina, For the trip from Venice to Rome, you might also consider the relatively new Italo high speed trains. In Venice these also use Venezia Santa Lucia (same as Trenitalia) but in Rome they arrive at Roma Tiburtina (not Termini). It's not terribly difficult to get from Tiburtina to Termini either via Metro or Taxi. I haven't tried them yet, but have heard that their website is more "user friendly". If you'd still like to use Trenitalia, have a look at the excellent for full information on how to buy tickets online. Happy travels!

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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You don't have to register on the Trenitalia site, but booking tends to go more smoothly if you do.

Posted by mina
guelph, ontario, canada
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I agree I should of recieved my password by now I registered late last night so I tried again but now it wont let me go because it recongizes my User ID and now I am stuck I will wait abit longer but I dont know how to solve this
I really dont want to call them thanks for all this help everyone

Posted by carmen
alexandria, va, usa
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Hi Mina. Just try again. Same here. they gave me a password then it didnt work so after 10 minutes i closed the website went to it again and logged on. the site is friendlier now. I just bought all my tickets for travel in May and mind you a lot have been sold out (the cheap fares)so expect to pay 100-115 euro for 2 adults, not really bad, but you might be luckier. its great to have an account you get to see all your travel dates and easy to see your PNR codes. they also email you a detailed information about your trip/

Posted by bronwen
maplewood, new jersey, usa
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Register and get comfortable with site so when super cheap fare becomes available you can grab it

Posted by mina
guelph, ontario, canada
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I tried to register but I thought by now I would recieve confirmation I may have done something incorrectly I should be getting a password
I did this yesterday

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Mina, when registering with Trenitalia, you should immediately receive an email with a temporary password. You will then need to go onto the website and change your password to one of your choosing. And, you need to do this quickly. The temporary has a very short life and then its withdrawn. I'm not sure how long you have but it doesn't seem to be longer than 1 day. It might be even less.

Posted by mina
guelph, ontario, canada
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I keep trying by using my email address and user Id but they are not sending me a password.