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Tip: Pay with a Credit Card if You Can While Travelling

Learn from my experience: Don't pay for taxis or other transportation services with cash when you can use your credit card. At least if there ends up being an issue, the credit card company will be of assistance. I want to share my experience --- I'm a bit tardy posting this, I realize.

Summary: The driver for Fiumicino Airport Shuttle did not show up at the pre-arranged time at our Roman hotel to drive us to the Airport for our return flight home. I have been dealing with the company to be reimbursed for the portion of our "return transfer" which never took place.

In September 2019, online confirmation was received for a round trip pick up for 4 people from Rome's Fiumicino airport to our hotel, and 21 days later, drop off to the airport. We paid the driver the full round-trip amount, as per the company's policy, after "the first transfer" which was to our hotel. We paid IN CASH and never got a receipt. Sad thing is, we're experienced travellers, who travel to Italy almost every year to visit relatives! We just weren't thinking at that moment. Mea culpa.

We were to be picked up on Oct 1st to go to the airport, but the driver never showed. We called the driver's phone number but there was no answer. We called the company and were informed the driver did pick up people at our hotel and took them to the airport. I believe that explanation is untrue, as we were waiting outside our hotel 15 minutes prior to the pre-arranged pick up time. No other people, no vehicles were observed in the area up to 20 minutes after we were to be picked up. Uber was called by another person in our party to take us to the Airport.

Since October 1, 2019, I have written numerous emails and spoken by phone with various people at the company's head office (roughly 10-12 times). (I speak fluent Italian and some people at the Shuttle service speak English well). Each time I spoke with the manager, Giordano Falasca, he said he'd look into it and call me back, but he never called me back once. I was always the one to contact him.

On October 30, 2019, Giordano and I agreed upon how he would reimburse me one-half of what I paid the driver, since we only received one-half of the service.

I have not received any reimbursement whatsoever. I advise avoiding using this Shuttle Service due to its unreliability and unprofessionalism. AND use credit cards as you travel!

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So sorry you had this experience and frustration. Glad you found alternate transportation back to airport.
I had a similar experience--long story I won't go to as it would just aggravate me.
But a good friend who worked in the hospitality business suggested I write an online review.
So I left a message giving them 24 hours' courtesy before I would post it. The money came the next day.

Hope your next trip goes smoothly!

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Agreed. I use the CC as much as possible. Plus, cash is gross - untold germs and whatnot lurks on coins and currency.

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Carole: I did as you suggested way back when I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere with the Shuttle company. I posted a review on the company's website, and on TripAdvisor. I told them I'd get the word out. I was just very tardy in getting it on Rick's travel forum. When I was travelling in Italy or France, I saw a LOT of people using his guide books, so I thought I'd post here too.

(We started using Rick's guide books way back in the early 90's! It was fun to enter a tiny italian town and have a resident approach me to ask if I knew "Riccardo"!)

My husband and I are looking forward to returning to Italy soon as we both have a lot of family still there.

Stay safe... and happy travels!