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The Metro

Could someone tell me about the Metro... I will have to take it from Paris airport to Gare de Lyon train station, and I don't know if it's a bus or subway, or another train.

I hope it isn't a subway... they scare the tar out of me. :|

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It's a subway. And, I have found it very safe and easy (not like New York). Hi-tech as well. You walk up to the electronic wall map and press the button where you want to go. The map knows where you're at and it lights up showing you the path you need to take including any train transfers.

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Don't let the subway scare you. Just use common sense and you will do great using the Metro.

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The metro is a Subway. However, I believe that Air France has buses ("car" en francais) from CDG airport to the Gare Lyon. The Air France buses are not restricted to their passengers so anyone can take them.


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i love the metro. i found it easier to use than the tube or the underground in milan. entirely safe and efficient. the only downfall was that some of the tunnels smelled of soiled baby diapers.

if you do end up taking the metro- don't be scared! it's easy to use and as long as you walk with purpose you will not be bothered.

good luck!

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Most, if not all, of your journey in from the airport, whether CDG or Orly, will actually be on the RER, the commuter rail service..the airports are too far for the Metro. The trains do travel underground through downtown Paris. If you're going to Gare de Lyon, then simply transfer at Gare du Nord from the RER's B line (from the airports) to either the A or D line....both of which will take you right into Gare de Lyon. No need for the Metro during that journey.

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Norm has given you a good route. To see how this looks on maps, go to to download and print a Metro/RER map for central Paris and a RER map that shows service to outlying zones, including CDG. The current fare is €8.10. At Gare du Nord follow the "correspondance" (transfer) signs to get from the B line to either the A or D line.

Air France bus #4 goes to Gare de Lyon. The fare is €14.

P.S. Don't let the RER/Metro scare you. It's fun!

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Metro is great. Used it heaps the week I was there. Does the fact that you are underground scare you or your personal safety while using it? I didn't feel at all threatened when I used it. I also use the subway in New York and have never felt threatened on that either. Maybe I'm a little thick.

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You can stay above-ground entirely if you take the AirFrance bus from CDG into Paris and use the extensive bus service within Paris. I think bus service is sketchy or non-existent on Sundays, but you can plan around that. Of course, there are taxis.

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Hi Tallulah, Along with the Air France bus, there is a public bus called the Roissybus( that goes from CDG to the Opera Garnier area, and then you can continue by taxi or another city bus. We buy a Carte Orange and ride the bus in Paris instead of the Metro, because we like to look at the neighborhoods. You can get a bus map at any information office or at the ticket booth in the metro stations, and there are large bus system maps on the back wall of the bus stops. Charlie Robinson, Lodi, California