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TGV From Paris to Amsterdam

I’m traveling to Paris in April, with one day in Amsterdam at the end, flying out of Amsterdam. So… Taking the train to Amsterdam.

Here’s what I’m seeing on the SNCF site:
Paris to Amsterdam, €35
Paris to Brussels, €29
Brussels to Amsterdam, €29

I would like to make a one hour stop in Brussels to buy chocolates, but not if it costs me an extra €23 per person. (58-35)

Is there a way on the SNCF site (or elsewhere) to book a multi-city route on one ticket?

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It isn't really a multi-city booking in the same sense as the "open jaw" flights we read about, since you're going between two points and Brussels is in the middle. You're looking at two separate tickets, Paris-Brussels and Brussels-Amsterdam. I agree with you, the extra fare isn't worth it. I'm sure you can find very good Belgian chocolate in Paris or Amsterdam. Maybe at one or the other train station.

The Thalys is a great ride, you'll be amazed at the speed across northern France.

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We have excellent chocolates here in the NL.
Also Leonidas of Belgium chocolates. Though I can't attest to the quality.
I can vote for Puccini chocolates!

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While Thalys is partly owned by SNCF it is probably a better idea to look up the tickets at Thalys site.

Some rail companies allow routes like that, but I don't think Thalys does, and your only option is to buy 2 one way tickets.

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I think this post has been overtaken by the other one, where the OP has learned of nice chocolate shops in Paris. I don’t think they’re looking to do this stopover any more.