taxis in bayeux

Is it easy to get a taxi in Bayeux? We will be staying a few miles out of town and are still on the fence about renting a car- we would want to get into town for dinner and to other places. We have a dday tour already scheduled.

Posted by George
Independence, KS, USA
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Renting a car was the best thing we did on our Normandy vacation, even though we were very reluctant at first. We picked up our car at the Caen RR station and that enabled us to stay in a rural area like you. WE did a D Day tour then returned the next day and did another full day on our own. We drove to Mont St. Michel and arrived before the tour buses then drove around the bay to Cancale for a sumptuous seafood lunch. We were convinced to rent a car by other posters on Trip Adviser and we rejoiced in the unlimited freedom to go when we wanted and where we wanted. Drifting along the back roads, stopping to buy cheeses or Calvados in small villages, was a highlight of our trip. We got a GPS with European maps and learned to use it and saved the addresses of our hotels and B&B's into favorites. Driving was SO easy and so liberating.

Posted by Ed
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Since nobody else has stepped up: All I know is: that there's a taxi rank at the train station, so getting to where you're going should be no problem that it's a tad over a half mile from the station to the center of town - - related but unknown, is if taxis remain there after the last train comes in (eight or nine) probably not that there's zip chance of being able to hail a taxi on the street The rest is a bunch of educated guesses based on knowledge from other places in France, reading, twisted logic, the fact that I've never noticed a taxi rank in town, and not knowing what you mean by 'a few miles': You're not going to get by for less than ten euro per trip during the day and there will be about a fifty percent surcharge at night (seven to seven, maybe). You will probably have to pay another surcharge for them coming out empty to fetch you or getting themselves back after they drop you off. You can possibly arrange the next trip with who's driving you at the moment; you can certainly arrange it by a phone call. If you're not ready when they show, you'll pay a waiting fee. The flip side is that the only car rental place I've seen in Bayeux is about a mile and a half northwest of town or about two miles from the train station. At Caen the car joints are right across from the station. It's a thirty minute drive from Caen to Bayeux. A car should cost a bit over fifty bucks a day for a short-term rental. Driving in the area is easy. There's no way you could run through a tank of gas in two days.

Posted by Patty
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We only needed the taxi from the train station to the hotel. Even though there was a taxi stand,neither time were taxis available upon arrival. Both times the wait was significant I'm sure there is a way around this but we haven't been back to figure out how. Our hotel was in town,so we walked everywhere.

Posted by Southam
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Contact your hotel or gite. The management is bound to know the local situation and might even be able to reserve a pick-up. They can also advise about prices so you can compare to car rental fees.

Posted by Bets
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Often in areas like Bayeux, you order your taxis in advance. As Southam suggested, your hotel or B&B can help with this. Also to get into town you can order your taxis in advance. If you rent a car and need to use public parking, in Bayeux you need to be careful with the lots. All but one uses meters with two hour limits. There is one lot that is free and open all day long. You have to get there early before your DDay tour to get a space. A lot of people who work in Bayeux use this onelot.

Posted by Sharon
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Several years ago, we arrived in Bayeux by train. At that time, there was only one taxi waiting and they took someone else into town before us. We waited until he came back (about 15 minutes). At the train station there was a phone number to call a taxi. I'm not sure if there's only one in town? We rented a car from Hertz which was about a 20 minute walk from our hotel.