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taxi ride from Porec to Rovinj

I would appreciate suggestions on how to get from Porec to Rovinj (we will not
have a car to drive) Can we make taxi reservations ahead of time?
Who would we call ? thank you !

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I'd probably take the direct bus e.g. Arriva. Looks like there's a direct bus in the morning at 9am and one at 3pm, Takes about 40 minutes.

Ask at your soba or hotel about booking a taxi if you'd prefer to do it that way.

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Thanks for the information, Andrew! We arrive in the evening, so, we will need a taxi to Rovinj.

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Are you taking the ferry from Venice? Then you would arrive at 7:30 or 8pm, right?

I don't know the names of any taxi companies in Croatia, but I just googled "Porec taxi" and got a lot of results. Who is reputable? No idea. One of the results is a top ten list of taxis and shuttles from Trip Advisor. I guess I would start there. Uber does operate in Croatia, but I would not rely on them - when I was in Croatia, on the island of Vis last year, Uber claimed to have drivers ready and available if I wanted to take a car on short notice...but then it waited and waited...and always timed out, saying "Sorry, no drivers available right now" after about five minutes.

There IS a bus at 9pm from Porec to Rovinj, so at worst you could take that if for some reason your taxi driver fails to show up or something. But no doubt, you would appreciate having a taxi drop you at your the front door of your lodging in Rovinj. Having a smart phone that will work when you arrive in Croatia would seem to be a huge benefit, though. I'm pretty sure there will be taxis waiting when the ferry arrives but who knows how much they charge or what a fair fare to Rovinj would be.

I guess I'd also message the place you are staying in Rovinj and ask them who they might recommend. Don't be surprised if they offer to come fetch you themselves for a fee.