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Taxi or rental car?

We are going to be in France this summer and will go from Paris to Tours by TGV. Is it best to get a taxi from Tours to Amboise, where we are staying for 2 nights, or should we rent a car? If taxi, can anyone advise on how much the fare might be? It is 25 km (15 miles I think) Thanks so much

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Well, you can (easily) take a train to Amboise, so I think the question should be, taxi from Amboise versus renting a car. Would it be helpful for you to have a car while in the Loire?

If you are planning on renting bicycles (a fun option) or hooking up with a bus tour, your answer may be no. Otherwise I suggest the auto--it will greatly extend your reach.

Have a great trip!

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Adam, Thanks for your reply; we are to take the TGV to Tours as it is faster and we are going on a Sunday, so will have more options for departure times. We really are just trying to compare the cost of a taxi from Tours to Amboise vs. Car rental. We only have 2 days in Amboise and will not rent bikes since our daughter doesn't ride; unless of course they have tandems!

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Hi Cheryl, I just finished planning a 2-week France trip for a friend. I discovered that several of the car rental agencies didn't have a "station" in Amboise but that Tours does. Since they are arriving also by TGV, they will pick up their car at Tours-St Pierre des Corps which is the TGV train station. (Using I learned that it should take approximately half an hour to drive to Amboise.)
The other problem might be finding a company that is open on Sunday--not all of them are.
After trying several of the car agencies, I ended up with autoeurope.
Hope this helps.