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Tap airlines cheap flights to Europe

Just playing around with google flights and I see TAP airlines popping up as the low cost leader for some routes. For instance San Francisco to Frankfurt rt at 390 and even a cheaper SF to Frankfurt return Zurich to SF for the low 300's rt. This was on some August/September days. Downside is 7 hour layovers in Lisbon on the way there, and an overnight layover in Lisbon on the way back. Also, this is with limited baggage of 8 kgs plus a small carryon. Kind of reminds me of Norwegian but with longer layovers. I read some reviews about TAP and most of the complaints have to do with cancelled flights and returning money, much having to do with COVID era travel problems. Wondering what they're like in normal travel circumstances.

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I'm not sure I would say that spending a night in Lisbon is a downside.

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Be very careful of TAP. There are people (like me) that are still waiting on refunds from a year ago. The planes and air crews are great but customer service sucks. The meals that I had were also very good. If you have the time take advantage of their extended layover in Lisbon even for a day.

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Wondering what they're like in normal travel circumstances.

When do you think we will be out of the cancellations and frequent changes and re-emerging into normal travel circumstances again?

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No one knows what the situation will be like in the summer, but I would aim for direct flights or change in America as a precaution.

TAP have never had a great reputation compared to other airlines, so wouldn’t be my choice. I wouldn’t want a 7 hour layover on the way out.

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Under “normal” circumstances, I would say it is a question of valuing your money or time more. My twenty something son will do flights I won’t do to save money.

But for right now, I would not try to save money by adding unnecessary stops. The chances of things going sour in my view are too high to risk.

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Very sage response, Beth. That makes a lot of sense.