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Swiss train passes

We would like to take a night train from Florence to the Berner Oberland area in Switzerland. We will stay in Murren for 2 nights and be in the area for 3 days before heading back into Italy. Should we do point-to-point tickets or buy one of the passes? Does the Swiss Card pay for your night trip from point of entry and into Berner Oberland? Should we get the Half-Price card in Switz for 50% off all rides?

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Another option would be the special pass for the Berner Oberland. I thought it was a little expensive, but I think it covers more of the higher mountain lifts in the area. A Swiss Pass will get you to Murren or Wengen, but you have to pay to go higher (slight discount w/pass). You'll probably just need to figure all your rides and make your best choice. We got a full 15 day Swiss Saver Pass and used it to go all over, but I'm not sure it's as cost effective for only a few days. In the Berner Oberland the 1/2 price card might do well - just be sure you know exactly what it covers and what it does not cover.

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The Swiss Card will pay for the Switzerland portion of the Night Train if you purchase the correct ticket in Italy. We just researched this and know more then we used to about this subject. First go to (Italian Train website) and find the night train you want, then when purchasing the ticket you will purchase the fare titled "Partial Pass". Partial Pass means you have some sort of national pass that will cover part of the journey. The conductor on board the Night Train will validate your Swiss Pass.

The previous poster mentioned that you will get a slight discount on the higher mountains. The discount will be 50% which is great in my mind. Considering the price of the ticket to the Jungfrau the 50% discount can be substantial.

Also, don't forget, that once in Switzerland kids < 16 years old will travel free with you if you order the free Swiss Family Card at the same time as your Swiss Card. They travel everywhere you travel for free...even the Jungfrau.