Swiss Pass

I have just purchased my Swiss Pass on your site. I understand the benefits but not the process. When I am using it for a train trip, do I need to go to the ticket counter in the station to show my Swiss Pass to get a ticket -or- do I simply get on the train and show it to the conductor like a rail pass -or- something else? And do I need to pay additional money to get an assigned seat? Thanks for your help with this,

Posted by Michael Schneider
New Paltz, NY
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With a Swiss Pass you simply hop on and off inter-city trains trains. Seats are first come first serve, no need to get reservations- there will be plenty of room. The only time you will go to the ticket counter is to get your pass validated the first time you use it. But, for trains and cable cars that go to mountain peaks like the Jungfrau and Schiltorn, where the pass only provides a discount you will have to get tickets at the station before your journey.

Posted by Pauline
BROADSTAIRS, Kent, United Kingdom
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I wanted to answer your point about paying more for an assigned sear. Most Swiss trains do not need a reservation, in fact you can't reserve a seat. Reservation is only needed on some special trains like the Glacier Express then yes it is extra.

Posted by Tim
Knoxville, TN, USA
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Of course you can reserve seats on Swiss Trains. Not all of them accept reserved seating, but certainly you can reserve seats on many Swiss trains in addition to the special Scenic Trains like the Glacier Express or the Golden Pass. I was just there with reserved seating all the way from Brig to Interlaken.