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Swim the friendly skies

if you're planning to fly through Newark anytime soon, think again. Totally flooded and virtually shut down. Which is a big problem for everyone but especially for United, since it's their main East Coast hub.

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Time to get the Boeing 314 Clipper out of mothballs and back in service?

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United Airlines reopened for operations to and from Newark on Thursday (September 2nd) afternoon.

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From one challenge to the next . . .

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My son had a United flight from Rome this morning. Left FCO 19 minutes late but arrived at Newark 10 minutes early. No issues.

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Yes, United is operating from here, but pack your patience pants. A flight leaving FOR Rome today supposedly @ 5:30 was a mess of document checking and lines. And they had my flight for Dubrovnik scheduled 2 hrs after that at the same gate. After watching that zoo for an hour, my gate changed to way back to where I arrived from DFW earlier (plus delayed)….. A good start to exercise before I have to sit for 9 hours! Lol! And hey, I am still going!