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Super smooth Delta refund

It wasn't until a few days ago that we finally got an email advising that Delta has cancelled our Sept. 28 flight to Venice. We knew long ago that there was a problem with our flight itinerary. Many weeks ago, out of curiosity, I had gone into the Delta website and clicked on "My Trips" and put in our record locator, and when our itinerary came on the screen, it was red-flagged with a note showing there had been a cancellation of one of our flights. It was a four-leg open jaw flight itinerary. It didn't say which leg was cancelled. It did say that no rescheduling was possible. I was quickly able to determine (by doing a mock booking) that the problematic flight was the non-stop leg of ATL to VCE. It was no longer being offered. Oddly, there were other ways for Delta to get us from ATL to VCE on Sept. 28, with a stop at AMS or CDG, without adding too much time. However, Delta had not chosen to reschedule us for those less-desirable (but available) flights but was just saying it couldn't get us there. We knew that we weren't going to be traveling to Europe on ANY itinerary in Sept. I could have called and asked for a refund right then but decided to wait for the official cancellation email. I knew the airline is busy and was asking people to hold off in calling.

The official email came on July 14, notifying us of cancellation. I called on July 15, at 9:30 a.m. One ticket had been paid with a cc and the other had been paid with Skymiles, putting just taxes and fees on the cc. This had required two separate bookings. My assumption was that refund was going to take two calls. I started by calling the Skymiles number to get the miles redeposited and the taxes and fees refunded. The recording on the Skymiles line re-directed me to the Delta number that is designated for refunds (800-847-0578). In other words, I'd be able to request a refund for both bookings with one call.

The recorded message when you dial 800-847-0578 tries a couple times to get you to hang up and go to their website to request your refund online, but based on comments from some other forum posts, I wanted to do this with a live rep.

There was no ability to get a call back so I just put the phone on speaker and worked while waiting to be connected. It took only 8 minutes. I got an extremely nice Delta representative. The call lasted 16 minutes. She explained to me that she wanted to do it in a certain way so that my Skymiles would be immediately re-deposited into my account instead of my having to wait a few weeks to see them back on there. At the end of our conversation, she said two refunds had been processed. She warned that "all refunds could take up to 60 days and two cycles on your credit card."

By the very next day, July 16, I already saw both refunds posted to my credit card, i.e., the amount paid for one ticket, and the taxes and fees paid for the Skymiles ticket.

I still have questions about why we didn't get earlier notice, but in the end, this was all handled very well.

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Just curious, did you have/answer the survey question at the end of the call, whether you would hire this customer service person?
Over the last couple of years, I have always been impressed with the Delta customer service persons.

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I did get that one question survey, asking me to rank the representative 1 through 5, with 5 being the best.

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Similar experience for me - I received an email from Delta cancelling my NY to Manchester flight ( and return LHR - JFK ) on 7/15 . I called them yesterday , and as of just now , my credit card has been charged back for the tickets . Couldn't have been easier !

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We too had a good refund experience from Delta after they cancelled our flights to Amsterdam and Edinburgh (r/t). It seems to me they have stepped up their customer service game.

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I had a Sicily tour with Rick Steves and flights from Minneapolis on Delta originally scheduled for April The flights were "Basic Economy" which by their rules could not be changed or refunded. However, when the pandemic started to emerge in February, I easily switched my Delta flights to October by phone call (I think I waited about 30 min for a callback), which Delta did without question or cost.

Subsequently, as the pandemic progressed, the Delta flight to/from Italy for October was cancelled in May (specifically the DTW to ROM leg, a new route for Delta which I think they planned but actually have never flown). This meant that I was owed a refund. I opted against the long phone wait and requested a refund online on May 23. I received a confirmation email showing a refund request number, with refund to be made to my Delta Gold American Express card. It's been almost 2 months, and the refund has continued to show online as "Pending". While it's been a long time, I'm (mostly) confident that a refund will appear, and Delta will have my thanks and loyalty at that time.

But the airlines are bleeding money at an unbelievable rate, and I do check every couple of days.


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Thanks for the info.
I'll be trying to get a refund tomorrow.
My ticket was updated and is missing the flight from NY to Lisbon.
They must expect us to swim that leg of the trip.

Were your tickets "non-refundable"?

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Yes, the non-Skymiles ticket was at the basic economy rate, i.e., non-refundable. However, based on date of travel (pre-9/30), we qualified for Delta's special coronavirus policy, i.e., would have been able to cancel and get a voucher for the full amount paid even if the flight had not been canceled by the airline. This was offered to all ticket-holders, even those who'd booked non-refundable tickets. When we first saw that announced, we didn't jump on it, as waiting for the airline to cancel, and getting a refund, was more favorable.

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Had a good experience today as well. We had our planned Switzerland tour for this year canceled by the tour company and we resked for 2021. Delta has never canceled any of our flights or notified us of multiple changes. One moved our departure from our home airport up about 6 hours earlier resulting in an 8 hr layover in Atlanta prior to the flight to Paris. As of this morning it had been moved to mid afternoon resulting in an 8 minute layover. I called Delta, opted for a call back which came within an hour and had no trouble getting a full refund intiated. She said it could take up to 30 days to be fully credited but that's ok.

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I just called Delta this morning, using the refund number and immediately was refunded the cost of the two tickets. Yeah!

Previously, I couldn’t get into the queue on Delta, and they automatically changed my flights they cancelled into an eCredit. I had sent a note on their website that according to the US DOT, I was entitled to a refund instead of the eCredit.