Super Economy Tickets on Trenitalia

I'm trying to buy tickets for our April trip in Italy and checked the website this morning. I saw one super economy train after 6:25 AM but I had forgotten to put in two tickets. When I went back with a new request, that train had disappeared and now there are only economy tickets available. Will more super economy tickets become available or should I just book the economy ones while I can. Obviously I'm trying to get the cheapest fares that I can. I know the super economy ones are non-refundable. Thanks for any help.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Once SuperEconomy tickets are sold out for a certain train, they won't come back. Just go with what is left available (Economy or full base fare). You are lucky you were able to purchase at least one, Supereconomy often go so fast it's hard to get them. I'm glad you are aware about the restrictions that come with those tickets: non changeable, non refundable.