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Summary of Current Airline Refund conditions by Airline (Wall Street Journal)

Full Refund Available
Aer Lingus
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
El Al
Japan Airlines

You have to call:
Qatar sends voucher unless you call

Strings Attached:

Vouchers Only:
Air Canada

Expect Delays:
Air France/KLM
LOT Polish

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Carol, The WSJ can move Emirates to "expect delay" and "strings attached"--personal experience. :--{
I'm still waiting on my refundable business class tickets--delay 90 days they stated, and strings attached about 13% deducted.

But a good clear summary by WSJ.

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The OP must have missed Lufthansa as the airline was certainly included in today’s WSJ article.

Lufthansa is on the list of airlines making full refunds available.

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RE: Turkish Airlines:

A couple of weeks ago we got notification via text message that our flight had been canceled on Turkish Air. We were scheduled to fly to Bucharest, Romania mid-May and home from Sofia, Bulgaria mid-June. We called immediately to request a refund and the full amount has been credited to our cc account - it took about 2 weeks but we were told it might take as long a 6 weeks. As far as we can tell, there were no strings attached - initially, it appeared that we would get a voucher to be used by February 2021 but once our flight was canceled we learned that we were eligible for a refund.

The call to request was frustrating as the phone connection was bad and communication difficult - but it worked! We're grateful!

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RE: Lufthansa

I'm still waiting for a refund for my Lufthansa flights that were cancelled on March 10, 2020. I called Lufthansa (again!) last week and the agent said that my refund is in the queue for a refund, but not yet processed. When I asked her what date I could expect the refund, the agent said she didn't know.

Has anyone received their Lufthansa refund yet?

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Has anyone received their Lufthansa refund yet?

Not me, but it's only been a month.

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The OP must have missed Lufthansa

There must have been a glitch in copying and pasting the post. The "Full Refund" list is in alphabetical order but stops with "E"

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Whoops, operator error! I've edited to put in the airlines that were left out. Sorry.

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We have tickets on IcelandAir for June, so I we will get vouchers good until 2023, for travel through May 2024. I guess that means we are definitely going back to Europe!!!!

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My husband and I got a full refund from Singapore to our credit card. It took around 2 months for the entire process. Still waiting for Qantas' refund and it's been several months already. Both Singapore and Qantas flights have been cancelled. Qants rep told me over the phone that we can get a full refund back to our credit card instead of a voucher if we sent them an email and specifically requested the refund and asked to waive their hefty "processing fee", which we did. So far, nothing...

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I received notification from Norwegian that our September flight from Denver to London was cancelled on 6/30. I submitted a refund request that day, and it was credited back to my card on 7/4!

My London/Scotland flights on easyJet are still flying as scheduled, so I submitted a request for a refund on the off chance they might take pity and issue one, since we won't actually be able to get to London in the first place...we shall see.

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Add Condor to full refund, we were told it would take 10 to 14 days but it was immediate. Very happy and I was prepared to be annoyed.

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I noticed that TAP airlines were not listed and not surprised. I was to go on the tour of Portugal in April, but then the virus hit. I was to fly from Boston to Lisbon and return through Porto in business class. When the virus hit in early 2020, in March the flight from Boston was cancelled. I haven't looked, but it appeared that all flights from Boston were cancelled and now they fly out of Newark. I had to work through my travel agent who was put through enormous amount of issues trying to get a refund for the tickets. They stopped responding to emails, changed the phone number for travel agents, etc. Finally in April, they said I would receive a full refund but not sure when. I am still waiting and it is now almost 90 days since my refund was promised.

They kept trying to get me to get a voucher. I am sure the Portuguese people are wonderful, but if the is the way that their airline treats those who thought they wanted to visit, why would I want to go there? And the last conversation my agent had with anyone at TAP, they indicated that the people who do the refunds were no their responsibility and they didn't know when it would come. Great.

So Portugal has my money and right now I could really use it as I have recently retired. I understand that there is nothing I can do, the travel agent is the one who needs to do it, but I figure I am not the only person she is having to deal with right now.

This has really dampened any desire to travel again, which has been a passion of mine, and the one thing I would say is that there are other ways to get to Portugal and I wouldn't recommend this airline.

Too bad.

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I had a pleasant experience with United when I called to cancel today. This was a one way flight from Dublin to Seattle via Toronto. I used United miles to book on Air Canada. The flight schedule was changed to fly through Toronto instead of Vancouver. The new flight would have me arrive 2 hours and 31 minutes later than the original schedule. They let me cancel the flight without any fees, they immediately redeposited the miles back into my account and will credit my credit card for the taxes.

Best thing about it was no wait time to speak to an agent on a Wednesday afternoon (after I called the main reservation number and went through their phone tree choosing the option of change or cancel flight). This was much better than the 40 minute wait I had for Delta to answer when I cancelled the flight to Europe (although once they answered Delta was very helpful - that flight had been cancelled by Delta)

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Well, Luftansa told me that I wouldn’t know if my flight is cx until 72 hours prior. If cx I will get a refund otherwise it’s a voucher. So I have to wait though I’ll be calling them sooner than the 72 hour timeframe. Our Luftansa flight is from Frankfurt to Lisbon.
I’ve called Iberia three times this past week and was disconnected once, told twice ( from two different phones) that they could not hear us. So today we used a third phone with luck. But, the agent told us a voucher would only be good for use until 6/31/21😀. Well, we know that couldn’t be true. We had to read him our email twice that clearly stated a voucher was good through 12/21. He finally put us on hold to come back 10 min later with we were correct!