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Strange Online Reservation Data Field... HELP

So, I've been traveling internationally since I was 16. Have booked online since "CheapTickets" was actually cheap. But I've never run across this. Am booking an inter-Europe flight and one of the data fields, right after the address is "Number". I've tried my house number, I've tried, 0 and 1, I've tried last 4 of my phone...
The error message reads:
"You have to specify at least a number between phone and mobile."

Which is about as helpful as having my three year old nephew explain it to me.... Any Help!?!?

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Sure sounds to me like they're asking for your phone number. Not the last 4 digits, the entire number. Have you tried that?

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tried it. tried even putting the whole number in, but it only has 5 spots. the most bizarre thing I have ever seen... do I have some secret gov't issued number that I am just now finding out about??

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How about bypassing cheap tickets and go directly to the airline's website?

I tried doing a dummy booking and never got to anything that just said number.

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already tried zip code! (i think) i'll go back and check. and, yes, since it's with cityjet all i was saving was their ridiculous 8.50 to use a charge card (that's above their 16CHF charge in order to process online) and their 16.50 to check a bag. 25CHF quickly becomes just about 70...

that number box will haunt me.