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Store Baggage at Brussels Airport?

I'm traveling to Europe in a few weeks for a study abroad program. I'm flying into Brussels, Belgium and need to store my large baggage while I travel for a week before classes start. The website for the airport says there are storage lockers, but only quotes them for 24 hours.

I'd like to be able to fly out of Brussels the same day I arrive, so would like to be able to store it near the airport, so I don't have to waste a lot of time searching for a place to store it.

Has anyone had to store baggage while traveling in Europe? I'd rather not lug my huge bag full of everything I need for months around with me that first week. What did you do?

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I'd check with the University where you'll be studying in case they have the capacity to store your luggage for you. It's a long shot, but worth trying.

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My University is in The Netherlands, not in Brussels, so we're trying to avoid having to go there and back to Brussels for our flight out. We probably can store it at our University, but we'd rather be able to store it in Brussels and spend more time traveling for fun.

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If I remember correctly from a year ago (memory fades as you get older:) ), Gare du Midi in Brussels (where the Thalys train stops) has a manned luggage department where bags can be left for more than a day. But it's expensive...I think about 3.50 euro per calendar day per piece. You could probably track down a telephone number and give a quick call to the station to confirm.

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I found these phone numbers for Brussels train stations. I don't know if they are still good, but you could try to call and see if they have or know of luggage storage.

Gare Centrale (carrefour de l'Europe 2, Upper Town, Brussels, Belgium. PHONE: 02/555-2555).

Gare du Midi (rue de France, Lower Town, Brussels, Belgium. PHONE: 02/555-2555).

Gare du Nord (rue du Progres 76, St-Josse, Brussels, Belgium. PHONE: 02/555-2555).

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For the Gare du Midi luggage check, do you need to reserve a spot, or notify them of plans to check in luggage for a week at a time?