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Stopover (AMS)

I am taking a second trip to Europe in May (2020), specifically Portugal. Departing MSP connecting thru AMS and then onto Lisbon. All airline tickets purchased, flying Delta and KLM (all purchased through Delta). Will have a separate hop on KLM from Porto to AMS, with a one night stopover at Schiphol before departing for home.

With that provided background, my concern is with the hotel being outside of the terminals, a 5-minute walk from arrival area 4, how do I get processed (do I?) through passport control and make my way to the hotel, and then re-enter for flight home the following day?

Perhaps the main concern is leaving the airport for the hotel. I'm looking for more recent guidance in this matter. When contacted, the hotel didn't supply much in the way of guidance.

Also, am I 'free and clear' to take a train into Amsterdam for a bit of sightseeing?

I am familiar with passport control out and inbound on a more typical flight itinerary, with a trip to Barcelona last year. The upcoming trip has this new wrinkle, to me, because I am unwilling to take a 5:00 AM flight out of Portugal and then on home the same day. This way, I can get a later morning flight from OPO to AMS.

Thanks in advance for any help.

(Edited to add: will have one checked and one carry-on bag.)

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JG, are all the travelers on this trip citizens of the USA?

It could be clearer, but it seems like you are asking about the homeward overnight at Schiphol.

Since you are coming from a Schengen country to a Schengen country, there will be no customs or immigration on your "second" arrival at AMS. You will lug your bag to the hotel, and check-in for the flight (in a long line, no doubt), three hours before your final flight home. I don't have to have flown through AMS recently to say this.

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When you land in Amsterdam from Porto you will not go through passport control.
You will go through that when you checkin to leave the next day after you go through security on your way to the gates for the flight back to the USA

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Tim is correct. It is a domestic flight. Just like flying between two states in the US. In the morning you go to the international terminal and exit immigration at AMS. However, be careful. If it is one ticket from Porto to MSP with a layover in AMS (as I read your question), your checked luggage will be checked through from Porto to MSP and you will not see your checked luggage in AMS. So if overnighting in Amsterdam make sure you have what you need for the ovenight in your carry on bag.

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Hi Tim,

Yes, all (me) travelers are US citizens. And I was asking about the return home of my trip.

Hi Jazz+,

Thank you.

I added another question about taking a train into Amsterdam, and I think you answered that as well.


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Hi Frank,

Was booked through Delta as multi-city; outbound to Lisbon, inbound from AMS. Separate ticket purchased through KLM for OPO to AMS hop.

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Then you will have to deal with all of your luggage but that should not be much of a problem. It is easy to take a train or bus into Amsterdam. The big advantage to the Schengen zone agreement is the ability to move freely with no border control between countries. Like traveling in the US from one area to another.