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Split Class Pricing

I've begun flight research for our next trip in late May. At this moment, our itinerary calls for flying into Florence and out of Amsterdam. Our "home" airport will likely be Detroit Metro. We've been talking about splurging for Business class for our trip there in the hope of arriving more rested and ready to go. Our return trip would be either Comfort+ or Premium Economy. I'm finding that changing the class for the return flight doesn't result in much savings. Is this to be expected?

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Yes, I have found this as well. Once you upgrade to business class, you are at that price point and trying to save money by booking a lower fare class on the way home does not save you money. When you use miles/points to book a flight you can book one way segments and choose different levels of seats. You cannot book one way flights with cash as they charge round trip price for each segment.

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We had the same idea for our May 2022 trip - splurge to lay flat on the way over and hopefully arrive more rested. After weeks of research, tracking multiple flight and class combinations, I found and purchased multi-city, nonstop, split-class tickets through Delta (code shares on AirFrance and KLM) from Seattle to Paris (CDG) in Delta One and back from Amsterdam (AMS) to Seattle in Comfort +. We saved about 25% on going with Comfort + on the way back, rather than Delta One both ways. This is my first time doing this, so I’m not sure if the fact that both flights were direct had anything to do with the savings. I watched prices for weeks and tracked multiple nonstop flights looking at straight single-class prices in every class, as well as split class combinations. I did find that some of the flights I tracked were way more expensive than the ones we finally chose. Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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We have done that in the past on Delta and have found the savings to be worthwhile. Call Delta and book with an agent rather than trying to do it online.

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My husband has also done this on Delta in the past but he hasn't flown international since Covid hit.

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Do you know a travel agent? They know how to find you the best deals and connections for your budget. Asking an agent to give you some options and prices does not commit you to anything.

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Which airline? On some airlines there is as you mention not a big difference. Other airlines will give you a cheaper ticket compared to business class both ways.

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I have tried Delta and Lufthansa. On Delta there was a difference of just $200-$300. I couldn't see where it was even possible with Lufthansa.

I have a uneasy feeling that COVID is going to through a serious monkey wrench into our plans for late May early June. If and when I reach a better level of comfort I'll reach out to Delta or see if I can find a travel agent to speak with.

Thanks to everyone who has responded.

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I do split tickets on British Airways. If you have an AARP membership, you'll save a little bit of money. My best find was December 2019 where we flew Chicago to Barcelona connecting in New York JFK. our Business/Premium Econ ticket was $1400 a person. Our return trip was on a 787 and the Premium Econ seats were great - even my 6-5 husband had plenty of room.