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A marriage made in heaven. They deserve each other.

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I've flown both and, for short-trips, they both served their purpose well (I am not picky about seat pitch). But they need each other to compete with the legacy carriers and Southwest. What's the difference between those 2 merging and all the other merges from legacy carriers in the past? Same rationale...more extensive network and greater resiliency needed, especially in these challenging times.

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These carriers fit the bill for people looking for very low airfares. You do get and don't get what you pay for with these airlines. If you fly these airlines, expect tight seats and extra charges for everything. The sad part, the savings is sometimes only 50 dollars, but they know the buying habits of consumers...Get the cheapest!!!

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Can pay toilets and wooden benches be far behind?

I was thinking more along the lines of the passengers rowing with a whip-toting person replacing the flight attendants. ;-)

But I have no issues with Frontier and have enjoyed flying with them on the flights I took (DEN-IAH). As long as I could get one of the prime seats (1st 3 rows up front). Much better than any seat on Spirit.

I wonder how seating will work in the new "improved" airline?

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There used to be two airlines I'd never fly, no matter how attractive the ticket prices were. If Frontier and Spirit merge, there will only be one.