Spirit Airlines' $9 Fare CLub, Spirit Airlines Fares & BAggage Fees

I need information about how Spirit Airlines works.They seems to "fee" you to death. If you book online with them and join the $9 Club will the membership benefits apply to that reservation:lower baggage fees, etc. Any firsthand information would be appreciated because the membership is non-refundable, and there is no phone number to ask all the questions that are not covered on their website.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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I'm unsure as to why they call it the $9 Fare Club - it costs $59.95 annually to belong. The $120 bag fee savings is for 1 passenger with a carryon and FIVE checked bags - who does that? I suspect that they are inflating the supposed savings (who knows how good their "special fares" or "great deals" are if you can't see them?), and downplaying the cost of the club. Spirit only flies to locations in the US and the Americas, so you might not find anyone on this site who is very familiar with them. In any event, at the bottom of their Terms and Conditions, there is a snail mail address to which you can address your questions.

Posted by Carol
Atlanta, GA, USA
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I really am not sure you are in a good spot for this question. Most of the postees on here are going tp Europe...Spirit does not go there. You might try the air travel forum on tripadvisor.com. Personally I will stay home before I trust my trip to Spirit. The "no phone number" should be your first clue

Posted by Randy
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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Spirit just began flying from Minneapolis and so far, I'm not impressed. They charge for normal size carry-ons and with that cost added, their fares are not that much lower than the major carriers. The $9 fare is quite deceptive since it doesn't include taxes and fees, besides the fact that you have to pay a fee to belong to the "club".

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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Since Spirit flies to Cayman Islands and Fl. and Mexico I was in their 'club' and I think it was free then. The 'specials' would come , but were NEVER available...I was delayed on almost every flight I took with them, they lost my luggage so I only had the winter clothes on my back in the Caymans for 4 days and it took me 6 months to get the $400 they reimbursed me for clothes, etc. Now, I would not fly them again even if it was only $9!

Posted by lynn
Whitehall, MI, USA
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Thank you all for your comments and warnings. It's a good thing I waited for your replies!!!