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somewhere between paris and venice

I'm trying to do some research on choosing an overnight train stop between Paris and Venice. At first I thought Interlaken might be nice but it is too complicated to get to. We would be on our way from Paris to Venice to celebrate our wedding anniversary and just want a simple but pretty/scenic town to break up the long 13 hour train ride. I'm not keen on flying. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Grazie mille tutti.

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Lugano, Switzerland, or the town of Como, Italy are possibilities to consider.

Paris to Venice by the fastest route is about 11 hours, including one train change, instead of the 13 hours you mention--I mention that in case the 2 hours less makes any difference in your decision to take 2 days rather than doing this segment of your trip all in one go.

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The long-distance train (Paris-Torino-Venice) stops in Chambery, Fr, as I recall. You could stop there and explore for a day and catch another train the next day to complete your trip.

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I'm by no means an expert on geography, but you could do Paris to Montreux, Switzerland, stay overnight and then train to Venice the next day. Paris to Montreux is just under 5 hours, and there is a direct from Montreux to Venice in 6 hours. Montreux is a great small city, with a beautiful lakeside walk and a castle to tour, so it definitely offers opportunity for stretching your legs. I used the Swiss train site,, to plug in some arbitrary dates and times for that.

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Ciao tutti,
Oh I love this helpline and all the wonderful people who give their time and expertise so generously. I cannot thank you enough for your help. Kindest regards.