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SNCF or TGV Lyria in France

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Can someone explain the differences between a SNCF and a TGV Lyria train? On the Trainline website there is an option for either SNCF or TGV Lyria. They both have similar travel times, same departure and arrival stations and the price is also comparable.
I am seeking train from Paris to Dijon on Sept. 18 around mid-morning.

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SNCF owns and operates the TGV Lyria, which is a high speed rail line.

The TGV Lyria is the high speed train that terminates in Switzerland; as you can see it is 1 hour 30 minutes faster than the regular SNCF train from Paris to Dijon.

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TGV Lyria is joint owned with SBB in Switzerland for high speed trains to Swiss destinations. So TGV Lyria trains from Paris to Dijon are heading to Switzerland and will terminate in Geneva, Lausanne, or Zurich. Pay no attention to the brand name, just the price and schedule.

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SNCF is the national french railway company. Lyria is a company owned by SNCF and swiss SBB/CFF/FFS that operates trains between France and Switzerland.

But booking on the operator's website is probably a better idea than using Trainline.

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Yeah booking on the ouisncf site is better only if your credit card works on that website