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Smart Tours

A friend asked me if I knew anything about Smart Tours. They had been recommended to her. Opinions?

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A friend took one and said it was a budget tour so did not include everything she wanted.

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I have traveled with them twice - Turkey in 2014 and China in 2016. Back then their tour max was 48 travelers - they have lowered it now to maybe 34? I couldn’t find the new maximum on their website but it’s close to 34.

Our Turkey tour was 48 and our China was 18 people.

I thought they were both really well done for budget tours. There were only a few extras and I opted out of all of them. The included stuff was fun, the guides were good - especially the China guide. Hotels were fine and generally well-located - with the exception of the Capdoccia hotel in Turkey.

If their groups were smaller, I would consider them again for non-European travel.

I don’t use their air so can’t comment on their cheap air prices. I always book my own.