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Sleeper Train Prague to Munich May 2008?

We are flying into Prague and are tentatively planning to head to Munich, Salzburg, Switzerland, more Germany, Amsterdam and home from London.

We really want to make the best use of time. I have read on this forum that there is not a sleeper train from Prague to Munich but I keep finding it on multiple websites but not on any more reputable rail websites.

For example:

I also tried to read the non-english City Night Line schedule and I see there are trains to and from but I can't tell if they are a sleeper or not.

Since I keep reading they exist I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction?!


Any thoughts on where to find (in english) the real deal here?

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The CNL broschure to which you refer says, "Gültig 10.06.07-08.12.07", which means "valid June 10, 2007 to Dec 8, 2007". I don't understand why that webpage is still available.

All train schedules should be on That train is not shown on the current schedule.

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Thanks for the information and currently brochure. Do you have any idea how often they change the brochures? Would it be easier to call someone? Thanks!

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I think they change the brochures twice a year, in June and December.

If you look around on the Bahn website ( you should be able to find an information number in Germany. I believe that the number for CityNightLine is (49) 1805 14 15 14. I've called them before. There is also an email form at

The first time I called DB, I asked the lady who answered if she spoke English, because if figured it would be easier for both of us if we didn't use my mediocre German. She said, "Moment", and put me on hold for several minute (at int'l long distance rates), but I did get someone very fluent in English. Next time I just asked my question in German.

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You can take a Direct train that departs from Praha hl.n @ 09:15 (Train # F 454) and arrives in Munchen Hbf @ 15:19.

Here is the Czech link in english:

Enter date for few days from now. Enter time 06:00 and SEARCH. Click on NEXT on lower right bottom of page several times and it will give you all trains for a given day.

We purchased a ticket in Praha to Firth Im Wald and has a Bayern/Barvarian Ticket from Firth Im Wald to Munchen.

Train travel in Czech is very inexpensive.

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I would not take a night train as the direct train only takes 6 hours and 3 minutes.

There is another 6 hr and 3 min train that leaves Praha at 13:15 and arrives in Munchen at 19:19 train # 452.