Shuttles London to Harwich

I have a family of of 7 going to harwich from London this summer. There are many shuttles services on line but I don't know who is reliable and reasonable does anyone have a recommendation or advise?

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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I can't answer your question directly, but I have two helpful tips: 1. Recheck the title of your post, and change "harpsichord" to Harwich (I know it was changed by "auto correct" and was not your intended spelling). 2. I assume you are going to Harwich to get a cruise. Cruise Critic is the main source of online cruise information, including port transfers. Here's their forum that would include London to Harwich transfers:

Posted by Nigel
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Or perhaps harpsichord is correct? I have friends in Haarlem who make harpsichords and other ancient instruments and a good way to get there is the Harwich - Hoek van Holland Stena Line ferry. Are you going to the port? Do you know about the train which goes right to the dockside from London?

Posted by Nancy
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Thanks for the spelling check. funny. I don't want to use the train because of baggage and the age of some travelers. We are staying near Trafalgar Square

Posted by Frank
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Ya, but the train is the best and easiest way to get there. Train stops about 30 yards from the ship.

Posted by Philip
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It's from Liverpool Street station - British people usually don't drop the "Street" or "Road" from street names the way Americans do and if you ask for "Liverpool" people will think you're talking about the city in the North-West.

Posted by Kevin
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I thought it might be helpful to outline the logistics of using the public transport options, so you can decide whether the cost of a shuttle service is worth it. First though, a private shuttle service. Harwich International is 90 miles from Trafalgar Square, involves driving through a few miles of central London and a section of the M25 motorway, which depending on the time of day can be more like a very long car park than an actual road. At best it's going to take about 2 hours from hotel to ferry terminal, at the very worst you could double that. You don't mention whether your party includes older or younger travellers, but let's assume you don't want to negotiate steps or escalators. In that case, the Tube is do-able but time consuming and bothersome (one hour, two changes, start at Green Park station which has a lift, but is just under a mile from Trafalgar Square). The bus is more practical (number 11 from the stop on the north side of The Strand, outside HSBC bank and a minute's walk from the square). Journey time about 30 minutes, but terminates right at Liverpool Street Station. That still sounds like a bit of a drag, so a cab to Liverpool Street may be a better idea. It's about 2.5 miles, say 20 minutes on a good day with no traffic problems, fare could be £15, perhaps a bit more. You'll need two cabs for 7 people plus luggage, so £30 all in. From Liverpool Street to Harwich International (not Harwich Town) takes 1 hour 17 minutes and there are hourly trains. Advance fares from £8 per person on