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Shuttle from CDG to Paris hotel

Does anyone recommend (or not) a private shuttle/van service for transport from CDG airport to a Paris hotel (7th arrondisement)? We are a group of 6 adults.

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I used YellowShuttle this month, cost 27Euro, have also used ParisShuttle. Check if your hotel uses a shuttle company and can arrange one for you.

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We used Golden Air shuttle service and reserved a mini van for our group. It was cheaper than taking two taxis. Six adults with luggage might mean three taxis.

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If your party is physically up to it and you're planning to use public transit to get around in Paris, using the RER and then the Metro (if necessary) to get from CDG to the hotel is probably feasible.

You can buy the Paris Visite pass, or other passes in CDG. Paris Visite works on both RER & Metro.

It will save you quite a bit of money, but it's not as easy as just hopping into a taxi.

Study the Metro map, which you can find easily online to determine if you need to transfer and if so, where.

Or just e-mail the hotel. They should be able to tell you.

I do recommend buying some Euro at a bank here in the States, even if you plan to withdraw cash from ATMs while you're there. It's reassuring to have some cash at hand as soon as you get there.

My other recommendation is to take only one suitcase per person.

Enjoy your visit!